turquoise-and-the-birdi am living too many
parallel lives

one for each loss
one with a disease

one as an immigrant
one as a wife
one as a daughter
as a sister

a teacher
a student
a poet

a designer
a maker and a creator of
paintings and prints on fine
papers and cheap canvases
many clicks on a keyboard
together though
i am a lost bird
in a small wired gold cage

Pantea Amin Tofangchi is a poet, writer and graphic designer. She is a graphic designer for Passager Magazine and Passagerbooks, teaches at the University of Baltimore, and writes poems (in English), essays, stories and plays (in Persian). She was born in Tehran, Iran. She was six when the Iran’s revolution happened, in second grade when the Iran-Iraq war started and in senior high when it ended. She started her writing career as a journalist in Iran for different newspapers and magazines. She enjoys making hand-made books, mosaics and mono-printing.

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